Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baby Robert

I brought my camera along to visit my friends (and coworkers!) last December, who just had their first baby – a little boy named Robert.  I felt honored she let me snap a few photos.  To be honest, I didn’t really think about getting ‘good’ photos, but instead, just wanted to capture a couple of photos to share with her so she had something from those early few weeks of a baby’s life.  I love how they turned out…even the ones that had difficult lighting because of the overhead can lights.  Congrats to the new parents! 

I pretty much gravitate toward black and white photos for lifestyle photography.  (I am not sharing any nursing photos, despite my absolute love of them, because I prefer to respect the mother’s privacy.)




Saturday, November 22, 2014

Norah’s Newborn Photos

Sarah had her baby only a couple weeks after I too her maternity photos.  I was short on time and Sarah much prefers lifestyle photography, so we opted for something a little different than big brother Garret’s photos.

I brought cinnamon rolls and coffee for everyone.  Garrett loved the cinnamon rolls.


They just added onto their house (tripled the size of their house) and Garrett was a fantastic host. While mommy fed baby sister, ‘Flat Bed Truck’ as Garrett calls her.



He showed me his room and told me, ‘Sorry, it’s a little messy.’


He showed me how to push trucks across the floor:


Lot’s of baby snuggles and a family of two suddenly makes for not enough hands.



Norah is such a beautiful baby.  She looks a lot like her brother, but with darker coloring.  She is seemed very content and I had to stop myself from wanting to hold her the entire time I was there.


Big brothers can be scary!DSC_0386EditDSC_0376EditBWDSC_0370EditBWDSC_0372EditDSC_0377EditDSC_0381EditBWDSC_0384EditBWDSC_0383EditDSC_0394EditDSC_0395EditDSC_0397EditBWDSC_0405editBWDSC_0286EditBWDSC_0406EDITDSC_0408editBW



Such a beautiful family.  I absolutely adore them.DSC_0330EditBW