Saturday, October 18, 2014

Raeann’s Boudoir

My best friend let me practice taking boudoir.  I’m not posting anything revealing online, so I cropped all the photos.  This is the toughest part about shooting boudoir…I can’t really show the pics off!



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Laundry Room

When we moved into our house 4 years ago, we knew we would eventually re-do the laundry room (located on the second level with the bedrooms), but since it was a utility room, it moved way down the priority list (over the other parts of the house we’ve done).  We dealt with the front load washer and dryer doors opening into each other, rather than away from each other, instead of re-routing the gas line or buying new appliances.  The color of the walls were dark and dreary, and we had a florescent light for the longest time in the room.  The fan was loud, the floor was ugly linoleum, and the cabinets above the washer and dryer were not only ugly, they were also non-functional.

Well, the room moved up the priority list when we found out that our dryer had a cracked drum and our washer had mildew.  Since we had to buy new appliances, we figured we should probably re-do the room.  The first thing my husband did was put in a new fan and new lights (with the help of a friend who knows more about electrical stuff).

Before pictures (but after lights and fan installed).  I would say ignore the dirty clothes, but it is a laundry room.


Inspiration from pinterest (links on pictures go to original websites that may include more information on how-to):

Day 17–Add some wainscoting to your home - The Frugal Homemaker | The Frugal Homemaker   Tired of a laundry room floor that's covered in dirty clothes? This DIY pedestal looks like an affordable way to keep clothes and towels sorted and neat.   Color inspiration for Laundry Room

My husband did all the work and I did all the directing.  Our same friend who helped us with the lighting, also helped extend the gas line so that we could have the washer and dryer on the right sides so the doors opened away from each other.  We picked a nice creamsicle orange color, added wainscoting and a shelf/ledge at the top with new baseboards that match the rest of the house on the bottom, a drying rack, ripped up the linoleum floor and laid grey penny tile with very light grey grout, and removed the cabinets and built a pedestal and shelf.  I love how it turned out.  The room feels bigger, ceilings feel higher, and it so much brighter.



Monday, September 1, 2014

Catch-up Post: 5th Birthdays (Dec 2012 & Apr 2013)

Charlotte had a La-La-Loopsy party for her 5th birthday.  My older sister made her cake and I made all the decorations.  The party was full of friends and family.



Cooper had a Transformers themed party.  My older sister made the cake and I just bought all the decorations.  Cooper and his friends loved playing the 3D pin the tail on the donkey.  It was sort of like a mix between a pinata and pin the tale on the donkey.


Catch-up Post: Jan–Aug 2013–Family Life

Fun at the park – These photos all say Jan 2013, and the sun looks right for that time of year, but my kids are wearing flip flops?


Feb 2013 – Fun with sunglasses and the dogs after the Valentine’s Day photo shoot.


Yarn maze – February 2013


Charlotte giving a doll a hug for the first time ever in her little life.  March 2013.


Sleepy Charlotte on the couch. July 2013.DSC_0343jpegEDIT

Racing the remote control cars we bought at Disneyland.  Aug 2013.