Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 352: Giddy-up horsey

This is  me not caring how the photos looked, but loving that they are finally not afraid of the horse head on a stick!DSC_1932_edit_wmDSC_1921_edit_wm

Days 347-351: No pics

Work got in the way and I’ve noticed that I am beginning to hate picking up my camera…this could go downhill fast!

Day 346: Holiday Card 2010

Here are some of the outtakes for the holiday card this year.  The room was completely dark except for the fireplace and Christmas tree.  I kept a very low shutter speed at 1/30, shot at f/2.8 and an ISO of 1600 (I think).  I did not use a flash, but did use a tripod.  The low shutter speed was difficult with moving toddlers!  I also used candy to bribe them, and then cookies hidden in the tree to keep them focused (and still!).  DSC_1835_edit_wmDSC_1843_edit_wmDSC_1851_edit_wmDSC_1856_edit_wmDSC_1881_edit_wmDSC_1900_edit_wmDSC_1902_edit_wmDSC_1904_edit_wmDSC_1907_edit_wm

And finally THE SHOT (straight off the camera)DSC_1867_wm

And edited with my own holiday card design:xmas card 2010_v3_black out

Compared to last year’s card…I had just started learning my camera, used my Pentax and kit lens with a lightscoop.  I also was just learning photoshop, and still used Picasa for most of my edits.

Day 345: Stockings, er, socks—again!


Day 344: Hanging off the bridge

I love the hallway upstairs that overlooks the living room.  Cooper and Charlotte have taken to watching tv from upstairs.  It makes me a little nervous that he hangs off the ‘bridge’, as they call it.  (Although it sounds a lot more like a female dog, rather than the word bridge.)DSC_1796_edit_wm

Day 343: Three Little Firefighters

The harsh glare is very distracting, but changing settings while attempting to photograph 3 toddlers running from room to room just isn’t possible.  I’ll get what I can take!DSC_1781_edit_wm

Day 342, Part 2: Our Christmas Tree

Taking some photos of the Christmas tree and practicing for the yearly Christmas shoot.DSC_1749_edit_wm

Our new ornament came from the grandparents…a ‘first house’!


Day 342, Part 1: Socks or Stockings?

Cooper informed me that the stockings were socks.DSC_1729_edit_wm

Day 341: Playful pup

I love our dog, she’s such an awesome beagle!  I especially love her playful face.  It amazes me how much emotion she can show on her face and with her ears.DSC_1695_edit_wmDSC_1703_edit_wm

Day 341, part 1: Hop on Pop

Grandparents are in town and the kids had tons of fun (the second photo of Cooper with Grandma is from day 339).DSC_1689_edit_wmDSC_1600_edit_wm

Day 340: Snow Day!

They look absolutely adorable in their winter gear!  Love it.DSC_1642_edit_wmDSC_1647_edit_wmDSC_1648_edit_wmDSC_1663_edit_wm


Day 339, Part 3: New jammies!


Day 339, Part 2: Naked Fireman Decorates the Tree

First they decided to get IN the decorations box in order to help me take all the d├ęcor out.


They were mostly helpful this year, but I ended up having to redecorate a couple days later.  I also had to keep redecorating until Christmas.  Gotta love the naked fireman decorating the Christmas tree.


Day 339, Part 1: Race Car!

It is so fun to watch them have races with their cars.DSC_1587_edit_wm


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 338, Part 2: New hat

I’m thinking about putting my 35mm back on my camera since I keep chopping the kids.  I’m also thinking about selling my 35-70mm because I don’t like the in/out to zoom (rather than turn), plus it’s really heavy.  I might give the Tamron a try again.DSC_1570_edit_wmDSC_1575_edit_wm

Day 338, Part 1: Rice Krispies + a dump truck

They stole the Rice Krispies out of the cabinet and decided they’re great for use in their dump truck.  That was a fun mess to clean up, let me tell you.DSC_1559_edit_wmDSC_1560_edit_wmDSC_1561_edit_wmDSC_1562_edit_wmDSC_1565_edit_wm

Day 337: Thanksgiving 2010

I am so, so disappointed that I didn’t take more photos on Thanksgiving.  This was our first one back home in 8 years and we had family over for the holiday.  I took only a few photos – of the turkey and of Cooper’s olive fingers.  I wish I would have picked up my camera more, or at least made my husband do it.  Darn!DSC_1548_edit_wmDSC_1551_edit_wm

Day 336: Lemon Berry Trifle

The kids loved the leftover Lemon Berry Trifle.  (See recipe below.)DSC_1534_edit_wmDSC_1536_edit_wmDSC_1537_edit_wmDSC_1539_edit_wmDSC_1545_edit_wmDSC_1546_edit_wm


1 Angel Food Cake

2 Containers of Cool Whip, thawed (I use Extra Creamy, but any of them work)

2 Yoplait Lemon Yogurts

4 Tbs Lemon Meringue Pie Filling

1 package each: fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (you can also use blackberries to substitute any of the other berries)

In large bowl, mix cool whip, lemon yogurt, and lemon meringue pie filling.  Make sure it is well mixed (will be smooth and fluffy.)  Set aside.  Cut up angel food cake into bite size pieces.  Cut up strawberries. 

In large desert dish, put half the bite sized angel food cake on the bottom.  On  top of the cake, layer half the blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  Then on top of the berries layer half the Cool Whip mixture.  Repeat to make one more layer of cake, berries, then cool whip.  Garnish with a few berries.  Can be served immediately or refrigerated for 1-2 hours prior to serving.  Stays good for 1-2 days in the refrigerator.

This is my favorite dessert.  It’s not completely unhealthy, plus it has a very light summery taste.  Enjoy!