Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlotte’s 4th Birthday Party

Catch up post – pictures from December 11, 2011

My daughter has had a Handy Manny Party, a Train party and now a Pirate party!  I’m not sure I’ll ever see fairies, flowers, or princesses near a party for Charlotte.  We kept the party really small with basically family and one friend from school (we consider Maile and her parents family).  It was perfectly low key and casual.

We bought her a train table for her birthday, which she has not stopped playing with.  Her reaction was adorable.  DSC_7307_edit_wmDSC_7309_edit_wmDSC_7308_edit_wm

Everyone dressed up as pirates and we played pin the patch on the pirate (no pictures of the game).  It was adorable.


Even their cousin Alex joined in the fun!DSC_7343_edit_wm

I made her a Pirate Cake using this recipe.  She loved it!DSC_7311_wm



So far I’m loving age 4 better than age 3.  Charlotte is so mature all of sudden, listens much better, helps out with chores, and is so funny.  She gets really sassy and talks back more, but I’m glad some of the emotional craze is gone (for now).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newborn Photography Growth

I have taken photos of a few newborns now.  I am way behind on blogging, so I will work on getting my friend’s maternity photos and the rest of her newborn photos posted.  In the meantime, I thought it would be amazing to show my growth in newborn photography.

Cooper’s announcement photos, taken in April 2009 with our Sony Cybershot.  Except these are the re-edited photos I did about a year ago.  I don’t even think I have the original edits.

My friend’s baby Reese taken January 2011.


To my nephew Alexander taken in March 2011.

baby yellow smilefull baby green lips_bwgreen diaperyellow hands cheeks_bw

And the latest one, my friend’s baby Garrett taken February 2012:   

stomach tilt edit wmgreen side vert editwm2hands_head_bwwmgreen mom hand_edit_bwwmcacoon_editwm

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kid’s Holiday Party

(This is a super late post…from Dec 4, 2011). 

My work hosts a Kid’s Holiday Party every year.  We had a really great time, although it was a little chaotic for me to follow the kids around.  The line for Santa (see pics here) was about a 2 hour wait!!  There was cookie and cupcake decorating, balloon artists, a comedian/magician, jugglers, singers/dancers, and face painters.  It was a really great party and the kids had a blast.

Eating their cupcakes while we waited in line for the balloon artist.


Cooper wanted a spiderman.DSC_7235_edit_wmDSC_7237_edit_wm

Charlotte asked for the same thing.  She was mesmerized by the balloon artist.DSC_7247_edit_wm1

The kids loved the magician/comedian.  I’ve never seen them laugh so hard, in particular Cooper.  He looks a lot like Daddy does—they laugh almost the same.DSC_7254_edit_wmDSC_7263_edit_wmDSC_7259_edit_wm

And what were they laughing at?  The bird being ‘rude’ and mooning them.DSC_7269_wmDSC_7270_wm

Waiting in line for Santa was boring.  I chased them around while my husband stood in line, until we got close to the front.  Then Cooper sat with the penguins and ‘soothed’ the baby penguin.DSC_7283_edit_wm

They were supposed to only get holiday related face painting.  Cooper convinced the lady to do spiderman for him.  It turned out so amazing!DSC_7303_Edit_wmDSC_7301_edit_wm

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine’s Day Cards

This year the kids are in pre-school, so I took photos specifically for their Valentine’s Day cards.  I will take photos next weekend for their yearly Valentine’s Day photos.  (Last year here and here.)Charlotte-vdayCooper-vday

And with the suckers included: