Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlotte’s 4th Birthday Party

Catch up post – pictures from December 11, 2011

My daughter has had a Handy Manny Party, a Train party and now a Pirate party!  I’m not sure I’ll ever see fairies, flowers, or princesses near a party for Charlotte.  We kept the party really small with basically family and one friend from school (we consider Maile and her parents family).  It was perfectly low key and casual.

We bought her a train table for her birthday, which she has not stopped playing with.  Her reaction was adorable.  DSC_7307_edit_wmDSC_7309_edit_wmDSC_7308_edit_wm

Everyone dressed up as pirates and we played pin the patch on the pirate (no pictures of the game).  It was adorable.


Even their cousin Alex joined in the fun!DSC_7343_edit_wm

I made her a Pirate Cake using this recipe.  She loved it!DSC_7311_wm



So far I’m loving age 4 better than age 3.  Charlotte is so mature all of sudden, listens much better, helps out with chores, and is so funny.  She gets really sassy and talks back more, but I’m glad some of the emotional craze is gone (for now).

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