Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 237: Learning to use scissors

I’m not sure why I ever try to do crafts and then take photos.  It’s always so stressful for me to supervise and take pictures.  Gigi came over for dinner and my husband helped as well, but I was so nervous about letting them have scissors (especially the thought of Cooper taking the scissors to Charlotte’s hair!).  I could barely pay attention to the pictures I was taking.

The looks on their faces are adorable.

DSC_9360_edit_wm DSC_9357_edit_wm DSC_9362_edit_wm

Day 236 Part 2: Pretend Grocery Shopping

At some point during unpacking the kids found our shower caddies that we no longer use.  They seem to make perfect shopping baskets for their pretend food.


DSC_9342_edit_wm DSC_9347_edit_wm

Day 236 Part 1: Reading on the swing

I bought Scout a treat ball that you place the treats inside the ball and then when the dog rolls it around the treats fall out.  Scout decided the rolling and waiting for treats to fall out was taking to long and just ate right through the ball.


The kids love playing the swings like this.  Charlotte decided she could multi-task and read her Cars book while she played on the swings.  (I’ve kept my 50mm on my camera basically since we’ve moved in, but I’m really thinking about buying an 85mm for outside and even some parts of our house inside.)DSC_9325_edit_wm

I like this picture of Cooper even though I think I missed the focus.  He just looks so much like a kid and less like a toddler.DSC_9332_edit_wm

I’m struggling with the white balance on this photo, but Cooper is fascinated with ‘nighs’ (knives).  He always wants one with dinner and when we say no, he gets one from the play kitchen.  He’s actually pretty good at understanding how to use it.  I wish I had been down at his level and wasn’t shooting quite as wide open.DSC_9339_edit_wm

Day 235 Part 2: How to watch Monster’s Inc.

Cooper loves the movie Monster’s Inc.  However, he also finds the beginning part of the movie scary enough that he has to hide behind a couch or a pillow while he watches it.  We still laugh every time we put that movie on for him.DSC_9312_edit_wm

And Charlotte just looked so comfy I couldn’t pass up a photo of her.DSC_9316_edit_wm

Day 235 Part 1: Little Sports Stars

The one thing I have noticed in the last month is how much more the kids are playing and interacting with each other, rather than just taking part in the same activity.  I love watching them together.


Charlotte loves any sport with a ball.  She is very good at handling any type of ball and can dribble both a soccer ball and a basketball.  She is able to hit a golf ball with accuracy, and she can catch and throw very well.  She loves watching football with daddy.  We will probably put her in sports after she turns 3.DSC_9310_edit_wm Cooper loves balls too, but isn’t quite as coordinated as Charlotte.DSC_9303_edit_wm DSC_9304_edit_wm

DSC_9298_edit_wm DSC_9299_edit_wmDSC_9300_edit_wm   DSC_9293_edit_wm DSC_9290_edit_wm

I love this last picture of Charlotte.  I can’t quite say why, just something about it makes me want to go give her giant hug.

Day 234: Sheet Monster

I have no idea how the sheet even go downstairs, but Cooper was hilarious pretending to be a monster while he dragged Charlotte behind him.  (My house is big enough to keep my 50mm on my camera, but I am still adjusting to having room to back up.)DSC_9275_edit_wm

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 233: Growth Picture

Although about 3 weeks late, I attempted to take a growth picture of the kids together.  I try to take one every 6 months.  They don’t seem to want to hold still these days so I bribed them with a movie and a cookie.

August 2008

The day they met.

A little unsteady

November 2008

Christmas photo outtake  

March 2009


June 2009

August 2009


Jan 2010


March 2010


June 2010DSC_8110_edit_wm

August 2010

First shot to test my light…the only one where they were sort of looking at me.DSC_9263_edit_wm 

Which turned into:DSC_9268_edit_wm

Then to:DSC_9271_edit_wm

And finally:DSC_9274_edit_wm

I might have to try again!

Day 232: Cozy on the new couch

Cooper was enjoying the new couch.  It’s so big it just seems to swallow him up.


Day 231: Missed a day

Another missed day.  Probably tired, probably feeling like if I miss a day, it’s one less day I’m behind on on the blog.  By this point I stopped feeling guilty for days…my life got busy!

Day 230: Dance Party

We have a giant fish puzzle and after I helped put it together they both started dancing on it.  So I asked if they were going to have a dance party on their fish puzzle and Cooper went running upstairs.  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until he came back with the (broken) boom box.  There was no actual music, but they did great at pretending.  So cute.


Day 229: First stitches

Of course things like this happen when you first move, do not have a doctor, the old insurance just expired 5 days ago, and you just signed up for new insurance.  The inspector warned us of the metal barrier that keeps the grass out of the rocks being a cutting hazard to feet and paws.  We had planned to cover the metal (they sell stuff to do it easily), but we’ve been so busy unpacking.

I was in the backyard with the kids while they played and I pulled weeds.  Charlotte started crying and yelling that she hurt her foot.  I assumed she stepped on a rock and told her to calm down and tell me where it hurts.  She just kept holding her foot.  I asked her to go sit on the patio until it feels better.  I was only about 15 seconds, and she seemed to be getting more hysterical yelling that ‘huts, huts’ (hurts, hurts).  Then I noticed that there was blood all over the patio and all over her hands!

I rushed over and checked out her foot and sure enough she had a deep gash.   After cleaning it up I decided it was one of those cuts that was deeper than I was comfortable with, but not quite deep enough to make me seriously worried so I took her to urgent care. 

They had to burrito wrap her in a big blanket and pin her legs in order to numb her foot.  She screamed and cried and begged to have me pick her up.  It was just awful.  Then they gave her 2 stitches and she cried again.  She at least told them about her dog ‘Towty’ who says ‘woo, woo’.  She said ‘chane choo’ (thank you) and ‘aw betta’ (all better) when I could finally pick her up.

She was running, dancing, and jumping just fine the next day, although if we told her to be careful with her foot she would become really dramatic and whimper saying ‘hut, hut’!  I am so glad she is okay and so glad I took her to the doctor.

 DSC_9234_edit_wm DSC_9239_edit_wm

Day 228: Watering the dog

Here we go again, trying to catch back up!

The kids love their new backyard, and they still love playing with their water table.  Cooper decided Scout would like a bowl of water while he was playing.

DSC_9223_edit_wm DSC_9227_edit_wm

So he carried the water across the yard (our yard really slants over there so it’s not just my inability to hold the camera straight).DSC_9229_edit_wm

Even when Scout had to pee, he still pursued her with water.DSC_9230_edit_wm

Then he realized what she was doing and became very curious.  This photo cracks me up, even if I did miss the focus on it.DSC_9232_edit_wm