Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 233: Growth Picture

Although about 3 weeks late, I attempted to take a growth picture of the kids together.  I try to take one every 6 months.  They don’t seem to want to hold still these days so I bribed them with a movie and a cookie.

August 2008

The day they met.

A little unsteady

November 2008

Christmas photo outtake  

March 2009


June 2009

August 2009


Jan 2010


March 2010


June 2010DSC_8110_edit_wm

August 2010

First shot to test my light…the only one where they were sort of looking at me.DSC_9263_edit_wm 

Which turned into:DSC_9268_edit_wm

Then to:DSC_9271_edit_wm

And finally:DSC_9274_edit_wm

I might have to try again!


Jen said...

I love this post! It's amazing to see how they've changed and how they have become such good friends. How lucky they are!

Niffer said...

The christmas one makes me laugh. Perfect expression on his face combined with her picking her nose. Excellent. I love the June 2010 picture. It's perfect. And the last one cracks me up as it's perfect for the series of them together.