Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First print on canvas!

I LOVE my Canvas on Demand (COD) prints!  These are the first photos I’ve blown up to hang in my house and I think I need to print more of my photos!  I am so proud at how far I’ve come and I am so excited to hang these on my wall!  These are 16x20 and a good size for these photos, but I’m excited to try bigger and smaller too.  I used a groupon for these (purchased groupon for $45 which gave me $126 credit at COD), which you can find quite often for COD.DSC_3586_wm

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Silly Valentines

Taken February 5, 2011

Continuation from this last post.  They are ridiculously cute and Cooper was a little ham that day.DSC_3204_edit_wmDSC_3176_edit_wmDSC_3172_edit_Wm

Forehead kisses…this is the way my husband kisses me in front of the kids.DSC_3177_edit_wm

And Charlotte’s reaction was too cute.DSC_3178_edit_wm

Now for Cooper’s turn.DSC_3179_edit_wm

He’s such a boy!DSC_3180_edit_wm

And more with the suckers!  They were hilarious.DSC_3207_edit_wmDSC_3209_edit_wmDSC_3241_edit_wm

I switched to a pink background because I was tired of the hearts.  Cooper makes the funniest faces.DSC_3276_edit_wm

And this one just tugs at my heart strings.DSC_3342_edit_wm

Monday, March 21, 2011

Little snow bunnies and the first snowman

Taken February 3, 2001.  (Just a little behind in blogging…)

It has been so fun to be back in Colorado and experience seasons again.  The kids just make it all  magical all over again.  I just can’t get enough of them in their snowsuits.  It reminds me of the move ‘A Christmas Story’.

The snow was finally wet enough to build a snowman (or no-man as the kids call him).  Charlotte was a great cheerleader and exclaimed ‘You did it!  You make a no-man!  Gate job mommy!’, over and over.  Cooper just wanted to check him out and then destroy him, while Charlotte pretended to be chased.DSC_3145_edit_wmDSC_3136_edit_wm

And then they were just being goofballs.