Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 318, Part 1: Faces in the mirror

I sent them in the bathroom to wash their hands.  I found them making faces.  (Don’t mind the color cast, hot spots, or weird angles/limb chops.  I just wanted to capture the moment before they stopped doing it.)DSC_1105_edit_wmDSC_1106_edit_wmDSC_1107_edit_wmDSC_1108_edit_wmDSC_1110_edit_wmDSC_1111_edit_wmDSC_1112_edit_wmDSC_1113_edit_wm

Day 317: No photo

I think no photo.  My camera labeled the photos as taking a photo on this day, but I know those photos belong to the next day.  Oh well!

Day 316: Helping with dishes

They’ve turned into little helpers and I can actually put them to work with chores – and they don’t complain!  Cooper loves our extendable faucet head but I don’t much care for cleaning it when he’s done doing the dishes.DSC_1102_edit_wm

Day 315: No picture

At least these kind of days help me catch up!

Day 314: Potty training or preparing for their 21st birthday?


Day 313: No picture

I missed a picture.  My week started out a little rough at work and I’m getting bored with taking photos.

Day 312: Two Left Shoes

Apparently I was very tired on a bright and early Monday morning.  I wear comfy shoes since I do so much walking to and from the train.  I then throw a pair of work shoes in a bag to put on when I get to work.  This is the first time I put two left shoes in my bag.DSC_1087_edit_wmDSC_1090_edit_wm

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 311, Part 4: Trick or Treating!

Finally I am getting to actual trick or treating!  This year was so, so much fun!  It’s this kind of stuff that makes parenting so worth it. 

Cooper completely changed his mind for his costume, which was super cute because he was really choosing something he wanted, rather than copying Charlotte.  First he decided to try out Charlotte’s pink monster costume.  He thought it was so silly.  He finally decided to be the dragon and LOVED it!


Right before they left.  I only got 2 photos off before they ran away.DSC_1060_edit_wm

They were so, so cute this year.  They would walk up to house and say ‘cool house!’, then say ‘tick or tweet, moe tandy peeze’.  Then they would say ‘tank you, night, night!’.  It was adorable.  I was so glad my dad and mother-in-law got to join in the fun.DSC_1074_edit_wmDSC_1075_edit_wmDSC_1067_edit_wm

Since is was almost bedtime we limited the candy to 2 pieces a kid.  They enjoyed it, but were pooped after walking over 2 blocks for trick or treating.DSC_1079_edit_wmDSC_1081_edit_wmDSC_1083_edit_wm

Day 311, Part 3: Hanging out with Gigi

I love this picture of Charlotte with Gigi.  The grandparents came over on Halloween to go trick or treating.  (I also love that you can see quite a bit of our house from this photo.  On the other side of the stair case is the formal dining room, aka the playroom in our house).DSC_1043_edit_wm

Day 311, Part 2: Throwing rocks in snow boots

I bought the kids all their winter gear.  The LOVE their snow boots, even if there isn’t any snow.  They also love throwing rocks in the grass, which my husband doesn’t love.  This photo makes me wish I owned a longer focal length…maybe for Christmas??DSC_1031_edit_wm

Day 311, Part 1: Good little daddy

Cooper has fallen in love with this baby doll.  He often carries her around and she must sleep with him.  He even tucks her into bed.  He brought a blanket to me and asked me to wrap up his baby.  Then he proceeded to sit on the couch and feed her.  He’s such a great little daddy to his baby dolls.DSC_1041_edit_wm

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ryan’s 2 year photos

I did a favor for a friend and took photos of her daughter Ryan since she turned 2!  It was a lot of fun and I feel like it’s getting easier to step outside of my comfort zone and photograph someone else’s child.  Ryan is a little ham and loves the camera.  I can’t get enough of her eyes!  Here are some samples and then the rest are in the photo montage.


And I love this one of my friend!  She is so beautiful and due with her second baby girl in January!DSC_1300_edit

Photo Montage:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 310: First Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Terrible lighting, terrible composition, but I loved watching them enjoy their ice cream sandwiches!DSC_1021_edit_wm DSC_1024_edit_wm

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 309: Sleeping on a bench

I have no idea why fake sleeping on this bench is so popular in my household, but I still find it oh, so cute!DSC_1014_edit_wm

Day 308: Under the blanket

Our dog, Scout, has always loved blankets since she was an itty bitty puppy.  She especially loves to sleep under them.  She has her own blanket on our bed and has to be ‘tucked in’ at night, otherwise she crawls under our blankets and sleeps in the small of our backs.DSC_1013_edit_wm

Day 307: Let me help you with that spaghetti

I guess they wanted to feed each other!DSC_1011_edit_wm DSC_1007_edit_wm

Day 306: No photo

Missed a day.

Day 305: Surprise for Scout

I have no idea what was going on, but Cooper kept popping out of the cupboard and Scout kept going straight for his hand.  He thought it was so funny.DSC_1002_edit_wm

Day 304: Costume Party

My dad invited us to a neighbors’ kids’ costume party.  There was a reptile guy there and a bounce house.  Charlotte and Cooper had so much fun.

Cooper slept on they way over because he didn’t want to take a nap before we left.DSC_0930_edit_wm

They loved the little spider web maze.

DSC_0949_edit_wmDSC_0952_edit_wm DSC_0955_edit_wmDSC_0973_edit_wmDSC_0970_edit_wmDSC_0959_edit_wm   The iguana loved to ride on the turtle’s back. DSC_0983_edit_wm

And I hate snakes, so this was a challenge for me to get down and get close enough (I had my 35 mm on my camera) without freaking out.DSC_0988_edit_wm

Day 303: Pumpkin Carving

The kids understood pumpkin carving this year.  It was so cute to see how excited they were.  My dad came over to help and he seemed to enjoy carving pumpkins as well (I don’t think he’s carved pumpkins since me and my siblings were kids!). 

I have to admit that I really wasn’t in the mood to take any photos, so I feel like these are just quick snapshots.  The color is all over the place because of the competing light sources…I gave up on consistency with these ones and just accepted that I was glad I caught the moment.


I love the look on Charlotte’s face looking at my dad helping her.  DSC_0878_edit_wm

Cooper kept taste testing the pumpkins.  I’m beginning to wonder if he will ever grow out of ‘mouthing’ everything!DSC_0898_edit_wm

Charlotte tried blowing the candle out inside the pumpkin.DSC_0907_edit_wm DSC_0906_edit_wmDSC_0912_edit_wm  

Then I had grand plans of taking some photos of my dad and the kids outside on the porch.  Yeah, that didn’t work so well because they were a little wound up.DSC_0925_edit_wm

This was after pumpkin carving—which was obviously a bit exhausting.  They never sit this close to each other and I love the way Cooper is sitting.  Notice his outfit?  Yep, 3 shirts.  A long sleeve green shirt, a green polo, and then the striped green/blue/gray shirt.  Plus shorts.  Go figure.