Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 281, Part 3: Choosing costumes

This year was quite easy to choose costumes.  We took them to the store to pick out what they wanted.  They both fell in love with race car suits!


Last year wasn’t quite as easy with two opinionated toddlers and a control freak for a mom.  Here were last year’s pictures:

Tinkerbell?  Are kidding me??  What's with all this tulle?  This costume is KILLING me!!  (Almost all of these were taken with a point and shoot, or with my old Pentax before I knew how to use my camera.)IMGP1857_edit

Peter Pan?  It's so bad I can't even wear my diaper any more!  ::streaks through the house:: 

Pink puffy monster?  No, no, no! DSC04178_edit

Dragon?  Get me outta here!IMGP1859_edit

Rennissance girl?  Buzz Lightyear?  How many times to I have to say no??DSC04171_edit   DSC04174_edit

Dumbo?  What are you doing to me?!!?  I don't look cute, I look ridiculous.DSC04175_edit

And the ones we tried but didn't take a picture of:  ballerina and Woody and both of those were no's. 

What they ended up being, a rockstar and a skeleton:



Tamara said...

What a bunch of characters, they're so cute!

Jen said...

So funny!! That Dumbo costume is adorable!