Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 287: Pretend sleepers

Maile and her parents came over for dinner so her mom could take family photos of us (which considering she was dealing with two non-cooperating toddlers, I really like how they turned out…I need to get her permission to post them). 

I’ve realized that I seem to have lost my interest in photography lately.  I feel so far behind, the I’m just taking photos just to have one for the day.  I haven’t cared much about my lighting, composition or settings.  It’s frustrating knowing that I can take better photos than these…I hope I will find time to get back to enjoying it again.

My office is so close to being done.  This is the leather bench under the window and I was bouncing my flash off of one of my white book cases.  The room still has a terrible color cast, but I love the bright melon/salmon color.  So pretty!  The kids were fake sleeping on the bench…I love their fake snoring the most.DSC_0371_edit_wm

They wanted to look out the window, although I think Charlotte saw it as her chance to grab the Handy Manny car.DSC_0381_edit_wm

Being little spider-kids.DSC_0394_edit_wm

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Ladibug said...

You are more than welcome to post the family pics. I'm glad you liked atleast a few of them. Hopefully next time I'll have a better day, and get my exposure more on target :) HA HA. But in 5 years we'll look back fondly on those pictures regardless of how not perfect they are :).