Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 264, Part 1: Strawberry bandit

I was making a Lemon Berry Parfait for a bbq we were going to.  While I was making the dessert, I hear Charlotte say ‘swawbeawy’ and I tell her she can have some strawberries (the extra container was on the table).  When I finished I went and checked on her and found this—almost every strawberry in the container with one or two bites taken!DSC_9812_edit_wm

I separated them out so you can really see how many strawberries she enjoyed.DSC_9816_edit_wm

I had to get some of her mouth too, but she really wanted to show me her cars.DSC_9817_edit_wmDSC_9818_edit_wmDSC_9820_edit_wmDSC_9819_edit_wm

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