Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 250, Part 2: Colorado Train Museum

I decided to take the kids to the Colorado Train Museum and invite Maile and her mom to go with us.  We had a lot of fun, but this museum was much larger and a little more dangerous than the last one we went to.  This meant I wasn’t able to focus on photos as much as I wanted.  Next time I’m bringing my husband!DSC_9567_edit_wm

In the basement there was a miniature town and railroad set up.  Volunteers have been working on the little town for over 40 years!DSC_9504_edit_wm

Check out the miniature stuff!  I wish I hadn’t shot as wide open and I had a longer focal length than just my mid-range zoom.DSC_9508_edit_wm

Check out the guy under the car!DSC_9509_edit_wm DSC_9514_edit_wm

Even a mini photographer!DSC_9517_edit_wm

Then we went outside and this is pretty much what we dealt with…kids running away!DSC_9571_edit_wmDSC_9586_edit_wmDSC_9532_edit_wm DSC_9555_edit_wm DSC_9545_edit_wm

I love the look on my friend’s face.  It’s that pure joy of motherhood.DSC_9609_edit_wm DSC_9599_edit_wm  

Then it was snack time.  Notice Cooper and Maile eating away and Charlotte throwing a fit.  She got a little too hungry and was starting to get tired too.  Poor girl!DSC_9631_edit_wm 

Looking at more miniature trains.DSC_9637_edit_wm 

Charlotte loves trains so much.


They look so tiny.DSC_9649_edit_wmDSC_9662_edit_wm

And finally some fun photos of the trains.



Che said...

These are great, they turn out awesome, despite running after three kids :). The one of Maile and Charlotte is so precious, I'd love a copy of that if you don't mind.

Jen said...

Love the shots of the trains! The conversions look great!!