Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 239: Third time’s the charm

My husband is still learning to do home improvements.  We’ve always called a landlord if we want something done.  We wanted to have a permanent dog door put in, which requires cutting a hole through the house.  My husband cut the first hole in the powder room downstairs, but ran into a random PVC pipe in the wall and had to abandon that option.


Then we had a discussion on where to place it next.  We discussed two options, one near the sliding door going out to the patio and one near the window going out by my office.  We decided on placing in near the window because you wouldn’t see it while using the living room.  I came home and found this near the sliding glass door.   Notice how far off the ground it is—especially considering we own a beagle.DSC_9387_edit

So then I convinced him he had to patch the two holes (which he did after reading a book) and put in a third hole.DSC_9389_edit

Which became the doggy door!DSC_0504

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