Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 90: iPods

We use iPods for their white noise.  Charlotte gets rain sounds and Cooper gets ocean sounds.  They’ve (well Cooper has since he’s taller) learned how to disconnect the iPods from the docking stations.  They love to play with all the buttons and they often put them to their ear and pretend to talk on the ‘phone’.  Very cute.

These were sort of boring photos so I wanted to play around with editing.  I modified Coffeeshop’s butterscotch vintage action to come up with the following edits.

DSC_3560_edit DSC_3564_editbutvint DSC_3562_edit_wm DSC_3573_editbutvint_wm DSC_3572_edit_wm

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 89: Dramatic Dinner

They both threw tantrums the entire dinner.  They also didn’t appreciate having a picture taken during their tantrum.  I hate days like these.DSC_3548_edit_wm


Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 88: Lettuce leaves

I think Cooper might be tired of me taking pictures.DSC_3537_edit_wm

The joys of having two toddlers includes the extensive mimicking that occurs in our house.  This is Charlotte’s take on Cooper’s lettuce leaf. (I really wish I had gotten this front facing and had better focus.  I am still adjusting to the weight of my new zoom lens).DSC_3539_edit_wm

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 87: Easter photos

I’ve given up on ‘studio’ photos where I set things up with a backdrop.  It’s stressful and frustrating, and it’s not really my style at all.  So we went outdoors to a nearby apartment complex that has beautiful gardens and a putting green and took some photos.

We did the same thing last year.  This is my favorite from last year…taken with my Sony Cybershot and edited in Picasa.  (It’s a bit underexposed and cool for my tastes now.)



Here is a sample of this year’s photos.  I still have several more to edit, but these are my favorites so far.  (With toddlers you don’t get a choice of which shoes they wear.  Cooper apparently is a California boy through and through.)

DSC_3118_edit_wm DSC_3123_edit_wm DSC_3144_edit_wmDSC_3147_edit_wm DSC_3228_edit_wm  DSC_3314_edit_wm DSC_3283_edit_wm DSC_3336_edit_wmDSC_3350_edit_wmDSC_3349_edit_bw_wmDSC_3357_edit_bw_wm  DSC_3441_edit_bw_wm DSC_3455_edit_wm

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 86: Getting serious with the water hose

It was a very warm day today so I decided to fill up their water table.  Their interest in that lasted only a few minutes once Cooper figured out it was a lot more fun to play with the hose.  Cooper officially learned how to use the water hose….on Charlotte.  These aren’t the best photos, but they capture the moment and that’s what I was trying to do (without getting my camera wet since he also learned to turn the hose on me!).  At least she’s water baby and has just as much fun getting sprayed, as Cooper enjoyed spraying her!

DSC_3095_edit_wm DSC_3080_edit_wm

She would run in the house and he would continue spraying her.  She would spin all around and close the door and shutters to try to protect herself from the water.  It was absolutely hilarious.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 85: Water hose on the patio

Before dinner we enjoyed playing with the hose on the patio.  Cooper doesn’t listen very well yet, so I was super nervous to allow water anywhere close to the camera.  I had to tell him a million times which way to point the nozzle before I would turn the water on.  Then I had to be on the lookout for when he forgot and turned back toward me.

Charlotte’s attempt at the water hose.


While Cooper let me know that the water needed to be turned on first.  He doesn’t even need to talk, you can ‘hear’ him ask for it with his face.


So happy he’s figured it out and that the water was on.DSC_2994_edit_wm

I love how she laughed so hard when Cooper would spray the water.DSC_3002_edit_wm

So happy!DSC_3000_edit_wm 

Then Cooper decided it was time to show mommy that he is very much a boy.


At first he thought it was funny.DSC_2965_edit_wm

Then he realized it didn’t taste so good.  (The angle is a bit off here, but his face is perfect!)DSC_2971_edit_wm

Cooper has learned to close the sliding door, but he can’t get it open again.  He locked them out on the patio and I thought it made some cute photos.  I used PW Black and White to convert them, but adjusted all the layers to my liking.

Again, can you hear him yelling ‘momma, help!’?DSC_3016_edit_wm

Charlotte looks very worried here.DSC_3021_edit_wm

And she just looks so sad here.


Day 84: Feeding the ducks

Still catching up on posting.  We took a morning stroll to central part to feed the ducks and then have cinnamon rolls at the local cafe in the park.  It was a bit of a dreary morning with a lot of cloud cover, which made it very easy to take photos.  However it also made my photos look very cool, so I had fun editing.  I tried some different things and I thought I would show some before and after, since I don’t do that very often.

All of the before pictures are straight off the camera.  In general I took the following steps:

  1. Crop
  2. Clone out unwanted or distracting items
  3. White balance correction in levels to select a white and a black
  4. Adjust exposure and fill light, and up the blacks in curves by pulling up on the middle of the curve and down on the bottom part of the curve.
  5. Burn or dodge certain parts of the photos to adjust exposure in specific areas.
  6. Run PW warmer action.  Change opacity as desired and mask out skin if it was too much by using soft brush at 20% opacity.  Sometimes run the action twice and set the opacity of the second warmer layer to 20-50% opacity.
  7. In some cases run PW fresh and colorful action, adjust opacity of light layer, soft light layer, and of group of layers.
  8. Run PW edge burn and adjust opacity as desired.
  9. Sharpen using Smart Sharpen set at Lens Blur, 100%, 0.2 pixels.
  10. Watermarks on original photos are from WindowsLive Writer, otherwise I added the watermarks in Photoshop using a brush I created and for the flower.


DSC_2869_edit_wm DSC_2860 DSC_2860_edit_wm DSC_2846 DSC_2846_edit_wm DSC_2832 DSC_2832_edit_wmDSC_2820  DSC_2820_edit_wm DSC_2760 DSC_2760_edit_wm DSC_2755  DSC_2755_edit_wm DSC_2742DSC_2742_edit_wm