Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66: Snapshots at the Zoo

Today I decided to not worry about if I was taking technically great photos and enjoy the zoo with my children.  I’ve found that I’m getting frustrated taking photos and them not being perfect, rather than just trying to capture the moments.  Today my goal was simply to document our visit.  Most of these are more snapshots, but I still love them.

This picture makes me smile.  The sign says ‘What’s Happening at the Zoo’ and I like how they are both saying ‘I don’t know?!!?’


Going for a drive.  Check out Cooper’s double chin…so cute.DSC_1578_edit_Wm

Being a monkey watching the monkeysDSC_1589_edit_wm

Being a monkey watching the monkeys.  Complete with ‘eee, eee, eee’.DSC_1590_edit_wm

Carousel rides.  I was so afraid of moving too far away from them.  Cooper was so cute because he was afraid of all the other animals except the horses.  He particularly did not like the mountain goat.  (Holy yellow lights makes him so, so yellow!)DSC_1593_edit_wm

Charlotte looked afraid, but she really had a blast.DSC_1594_edit_wm

Train ride.  They really, really loved this.  I had a hard time making them stay seated because they wanted to see the ground move by.DSC_1604_edit_wm DSC_1609_edit_wm


Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

Loving Charlottes hair!!! It is getting so pretty with all those curls:) Great pictures too! I love natural light and hate how lighting makes my kids look jaundice!! Oh, well. I'm realizing now that mine are older the things in pictures that used to frustrate me are some of the things I'm so glad I captured because other wise I would have forgotten some really great memories. Keep having fun, I'm sure enjoying all the photos.

Hurdles of Life said...

those are wonderful photos. i ♥ the train and the carosel photo of C. - you can see the back of her head in the mirror.. too cute! i think with some of your amazing editing techniques you could easily make these "look" more like "technically great photos"!

Niffer said...

I think monkeys say "eee eee eee" too! In fact my beloved childhood stuffed animal was Eee-eee, my monkey. My mom claims it was a prediction to what my career would be when I grew up. Michael says "ooo ooo aah" for Monkeys and I was slightly disappointed when Ellie took to his version more than mine. Oh well... maybe Addie will be wiser. =)