Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 85: Water hose on the patio

Before dinner we enjoyed playing with the hose on the patio.  Cooper doesn’t listen very well yet, so I was super nervous to allow water anywhere close to the camera.  I had to tell him a million times which way to point the nozzle before I would turn the water on.  Then I had to be on the lookout for when he forgot and turned back toward me.

Charlotte’s attempt at the water hose.


While Cooper let me know that the water needed to be turned on first.  He doesn’t even need to talk, you can ‘hear’ him ask for it with his face.


So happy he’s figured it out and that the water was on.DSC_2994_edit_wm

I love how she laughed so hard when Cooper would spray the water.DSC_3002_edit_wm

So happy!DSC_3000_edit_wm 

Then Cooper decided it was time to show mommy that he is very much a boy.


At first he thought it was funny.DSC_2965_edit_wm

Then he realized it didn’t taste so good.  (The angle is a bit off here, but his face is perfect!)DSC_2971_edit_wm

Cooper has learned to close the sliding door, but he can’t get it open again.  He locked them out on the patio and I thought it made some cute photos.  I used PW Black and White to convert them, but adjusted all the layers to my liking.

Again, can you hear him yelling ‘momma, help!’?DSC_3016_edit_wm

Charlotte looks very worried here.DSC_3021_edit_wm

And she just looks so sad here.


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