Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63: Talking

They are finally starting to really talk.  Charlotte has a delay but the last 4 months of therapy have helped tremendously.  Her new favorite word is momma.  She says it over and over and loves that it gets my attention.  Most of the time it melts my heart since she can finally say it, but wow she doesn’t stop saying it either!  Her other favorite word?

Baw (ball)!  She says it over and over and over until we can barely take it anymore.


Cooper is also starting to talk, although he’s been trying new words for awhile now.  He also says momma, but his is more of a ‘muh-muh’, very short and punctuated.  (Charlotte’s is more of mommmmaaaaaaa!)



Niffer said...

What other words do they say? Have you ever tried counting them?

Niffer said...

My other question is... do you think Charlotte's delay is affecting Cooper's speech? I'm wondering because that's what happened with me. They say my brother was delayed and then he taught me how to talk incorrectly.

Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

Regarding Niffer's comment Salina...You know Graysie has a major speech disorder (apraxia) and she couldn't say anything other than "dah"(whatever that meant:)) way past 3 years of age. It really did affect Mikael and Kayelas speech too. Our therapist said to really make sure the younger kids don't get "lazy" in their talking just because she can't talk. Easier said than done, because now they are all in speech! Just for minor things but do not be surprised if that happens, it is very common.