Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62: Toddler brain freeze

I see my pictures on 7 different monitors.  I have two monitors for my home desktop and two for my work desktop.  My husband also has two monitors for his home desktop.  Although rare, I also use the laptop and see my pictures there.  I’m so tired of seeing how different the photos are looking on different monitors and I can’t imagine what they look like when family prints the photos. 

Now that I edit more often I decided to buy software to calibrate my monitor.  I’m trying to fix all my settings from upgrading to Windows 7.  Did you know there’s a built-in monitor calibration in Windows 7?  It’s not all that sophisticated, but it’s better than the cool tones my monitor usually shows me.

Now I’m putting it to the test.  I already know how the photos look on my one un-calibrated monitor, but I want to know from others how my photos look today.  Any different than normal?  Good, bad?  (I know Charlotte’s hair has a red cast to it…it’s from the overhead light and I didn’t try to fix it with editing.)

Eating sherbet for dessert since they ate so well at dinner. 


Eating said sherbet a little too fast, resulting in a brain freeze.  This is what a toddler brain freeze looks like in case you were wondering.


All done!  I love her expression here.  (She has wild hair today because she wasn’t in the mood to let daddy style it.)DSC_1444_edit_wm

Cooper also enjoyed some sherbet.  He’s wondering if you want a bite too.DSC_1434_edit_wm

Cooper has suddenly likes salad.  He and I usually fight over who gets to eat more of the salad and somehow he ended up with my salad bowl tonight.  It’s so funny because he used to spit out lettuce like we were feeding him dirt only 2 months ago.DSC_1396_edit_wm DSC_1402_edit_wm


Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

Emma started loving salad when she was around a year and will still eat salad every time she has a chance. She was little when McDonalds had those shaker salads and we'd go meet friends to play and here's all the kids with their happy meals and Emma with her shaker salad! Pretty hysterical when they become fans of "adult" there such a thing? Loving the pictures:)

Niffer said...

Wow! He likes SALAD??? I can't get Ellie to even attempt anything that looks like a leaf, even the really small stuff that's used for seasoning.

From my computer these pictures look great. I'll have to look again when I get to work. I usually look at your blog from work and have thought on occasion that your photos look TOO photoshoped. Should I be letting you know those things???