Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 75: Sleepy heads

This week is a very busy week at work for me.  I have a big project meeting this week and it’s requiring me to put in some longer hours and be away from my children.  Today I went in a little later than normal because I had an after work dinner to attend.  This means I missed all the time in the evening with my babies and only had 45 min this morning with them.  

I took 5 photos, two of which were just test shots to get my settings right.  I wanted to enjoy my time with them instead of shoving the camera in their face.  They weren’t all that happy about the camera first thing in the morning anyhow (neither would I!), plus they were cranky  because I had to wake them up (they still aren’t completely adjusted to the time change).

They got some Handy Manny this morning because I wanted to sit and snuggle with them, plus it helps calm them down and wake them up slowly.  I love Charlotte’s bedhead in this one…I don’t know how it doesn’t driver her crazy to have her hair in her eyes like this!

(In case you’ve noticed Charlotte doesn’t own any girly pajamas.  Since Cooper is bigger, we buy neutral pajamas to pass from him to her, since he gets maybe a few months wear before he grows out of them, while Charlotte only recently stopped wearing 9 month and 12 month shorts, skirts and pants.)



Niffer said...

I love this picture! Charlotte's hair is great. Sleepy kids are just adorable.

Jen said...

OMG, love that hair!!