Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78: Handy Tots

My husband was finishing up building the bed and the kids wanted to help daddy.  So I gave them their toy drills and hammers and they had a blast!  So, so cute to watch.

These are all taken with my new 35mm-70mm lens and in complete manual mode.  All I did for editing was up the blacks, crop if necessary, and add the watermark.  I’m trying to get out of A mode while shooting outside, but I still struggle with changing my settings quick enough.  I figure the only way I’ll better is to practice!

First you hammer the nail in.


Then you pull it out (I think it’s amazing that she knows to use the other side of the hammer!)

DSC_2436_edit_wm DSC_2427_edit_wm

Time to use the drill like daddy!DSC_2456_edit_wm DSC_2469_edit_wm

Put the screws in for daddy DSC_2470_edit_wm

Charlotte’s handful of screwsDSC_2482_edit_wm

Cooper concentrating while Charlotte moons the camera.DSC_2502_edit_wm

(Today I got the privilege of taking photos of my friend’s adoption finalization hearing.  I am so, so excited at how many great photos I was able to get.  Considering I haven’t taken any photos of anyone other than my own family, and this was particularly challenging because I was only allowed to stand in certain places, there wasn’t anywhere to really bounce my flash, and the lighting was terrible.  For all that, I’m so happy with how the photos are turning out.  If she gives me the okay, I will post some of them here.)

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