Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64: Smelling and Matching

Charlotte smells everything, especially her food before she eats.  I find it adorable.DSC_1497_edit_wm

Cooper copies her and smells everything too.  Except he is way more expressive after smelling something.  He doesn’t seem to care for the ‘Fresh Linen’ scent of the candle. DSC_1517_edit_wm

Cooper’s new favorite game is matching things.  We have these puzzle pieces that match a color, pattern or texture to an item (blue balloon, rough lizard, spotted dog) and we also have the game Memory.  These are also great for practicing words and naming things.  I really loved how the all the cards were spread on the floor and made some great colors.  Although the photo isn’t exactly what I was going for, I still like the photos.DSC_1504_edit_wm DSC_1487_edit_wm

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