Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 87: Easter photos

I’ve given up on ‘studio’ photos where I set things up with a backdrop.  It’s stressful and frustrating, and it’s not really my style at all.  So we went outdoors to a nearby apartment complex that has beautiful gardens and a putting green and took some photos.

We did the same thing last year.  This is my favorite from last year…taken with my Sony Cybershot and edited in Picasa.  (It’s a bit underexposed and cool for my tastes now.)



Here is a sample of this year’s photos.  I still have several more to edit, but these are my favorites so far.  (With toddlers you don’t get a choice of which shoes they wear.  Cooper apparently is a California boy through and through.)

DSC_3118_edit_wm DSC_3123_edit_wm DSC_3144_edit_wmDSC_3147_edit_wm DSC_3228_edit_wm  DSC_3314_edit_wm DSC_3283_edit_wm DSC_3336_edit_wmDSC_3350_edit_wmDSC_3349_edit_bw_wmDSC_3357_edit_bw_wm  DSC_3441_edit_bw_wm DSC_3455_edit_wm


Che said...

They look great! I LOVE the black and whites at the end. The outfits turned out nice too.. LOVE the jacket.!! Can't believe he let you put a tie on him. SUCCESS!

Wendy said...

They are sooooooo pretty! What beautiful pictures and what beautiful children....