Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 71: Evening with us

I am considering returning my Tamron 28mm-75mm f/2.8.  It is so SLOW!  I keep missing shots and then they feel soft or out of focus.  I’m not sure if the lens is soft (it’s softer than my 50mm, but that’s expected), or if it’s so slow I get blur because the kids move (or I shake the camera).  It’s frustrating.

Okay enough complaining.  I got some great photos tonight and so I thought I would walk you through our evening.

We drank some juice


And gave some sweet smiles at dinnerDSC_1810_edit_wm

Then daddy chased us upstairs (now I can see where Cooper gets his scrunchy nose from!)DSC_1823_edit_wm

Then we watched Scout run around like a crazy dogDSC_1832_edit_wm

Then we had fun with the silly hat (from the dollar bin at Target at Christmas time 2008)DSC_1849_edit_Wm


Then we played with the ball machine and kept the silly hat, but switched heads.  (This one is my favorite of the night)DSC_1861_edit_wm

More fun with the ball machine and playing a mimic game (love how Cooper turned his head like Charlotte).DSC_1867_edit_wm

Then got ready for bed with our milk and book (don’t forget the silly hat or the blanket on our heads!) DSC_1883_edit_wm DSC_1884_edit_wm

And finally story time with daddyDSC_1888_edit_wm

And for some vintage video of Charlotte and Cooper with the ball machine and that silly hat.

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