Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74: Building Blocks

I brought out the bucket of blocks today.  Charlotte especially loves to build towers, while Cooper loves to knock them down.  Charlotte doesn’t really love that part very much.

They are also loving looking at the pictures and letters on the blocks.  They like when I ‘practice’ writing and write everyone’s names down.  Now when they see letters they confirm that they spell ‘Momma’ or ‘Dah-ee’ or ‘Towt’ or ‘Tooter’ or ‘Shot’.  They also like to try to name the pictures, or make the animal sounds.  I am so amazed at how quickly their language is starting to progress, and even more interesting is the number of ways they learn language.

We started out fine building towers.  (I really, really want to get one of Cooper knocking one over, but not tonight!)


Charlotte decided taking one block out at a time was too slow and dumped the entire bucket out.


Then they both went to town knocking the blocks off the table.  I didn’t know who to focus on because they were moving so fast, so I focused on the (almost) stationary blocks.  I love how I got some motion blur and blocks mid-air.DSC_1994_edit_wm

Then it was time to investigate the pictures and letters on the blocks.  Not sure if I’m crazy about the black and white conversions (I’m trying different ways to figure out my own method, rather than using an action).DSC_2000_edit_bw_wm DSC_1996_edit_bw_wm

Two little bucket-heads!DSC_2003_edit_wm DSC_2001_edit_wm

And this photo just melts my heart.  She usually places her hands on his cheeks, but I love how serious she is about kissing him.  I couldn’t decide which version I liked better…bright and cheery or vintage faded.DSC_1982_edit_wm DSC_1982_edit2_wm

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