Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 86: Getting serious with the water hose

It was a very warm day today so I decided to fill up their water table.  Their interest in that lasted only a few minutes once Cooper figured out it was a lot more fun to play with the hose.  Cooper officially learned how to use the water hose….on Charlotte.  These aren’t the best photos, but they capture the moment and that’s what I was trying to do (without getting my camera wet since he also learned to turn the hose on me!).  At least she’s water baby and has just as much fun getting sprayed, as Cooper enjoyed spraying her!

DSC_3095_edit_wm DSC_3080_edit_wm

She would run in the house and he would continue spraying her.  She would spin all around and close the door and shutters to try to protect herself from the water.  It was absolutely hilarious.


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Jen said...

These are great!! That looks like so much fun! Great capture!