About Me

My name is Salina and I started this photoblog as part of the Project 365 – a photo a day for a year in 2010.  In 2011, I did not finish the 52 week challenge. As the years have gone on, I've used this blog to continue capturing some of my photography related activities, whether capturing moments with my family and friends, holiday cards, or photo shoots for friends.  I continue to have a multitude of hobbies, so this blog isn't as high on my priority list.

I am an engineer and I have always had hobbies that give me a creative outlet. I wanted to continue to learn more about my DSLR and photography. I feel like life is moving so fast, and I just want to be able to freeze some of these moments with my two children.  My creative outlet is now ballet!

I am a mother to two children, Charlotte and Cooper who are 4 months apart in age (also known as ‘virtual twins’ because there is less than a 9 month age difference). We get asked about the 4 month age gap quite a bit: one is biological and one was adopted into our family, although still biologically related to me (her birth mother is my sister).