Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Card 2011

2009: (Pentax, kit lens, lightscoop)


xmas card 2010_v3_black out

(Link to last year’s post here.)

Every year I spend time looking at lots of cards to decide what I want to do.  I always have more ideas than I can execute, so I try a few to see what I can come up with.  ‘Let it Snow’ is what worked this year with the twinkle light background and blowing snow ideas from Pinterest.  The kids LOVED participating in the card this year and I am happy that everyone is on the card!

(I took the photos, except the one of me…my husband helped.  I also designed the card in Photoshop.)

Christmas Card 2011_web

And here are some of the other great photos that I had a tough time deciding not to use.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Busy Weekend Part 1 –Movie & Sledding

We had a very busy, very fun weekend.  We got invited to a special showing of Happy Feet 2 by the real estate agency and mortgage company we used when we bought our house.  The movie is adorable and the kids had a blast. (iPhone)

happyfeet_coop_wm  happyfeet_char_wm

Then we went sledding after lunch.  This is the first time the kids have gone sledding and they LOVED it.  Our neighborhood has greenbelts between all the houses that have pretty good hills.  It was so convenient to just take a short walk down the block.  My husband and I joined in on a few of the hills and we had a complete blast.  Now Cooper keeps asking when we’re going to the mountains to go sledding. (all iPhone pics)

sledding_char_edit    sledding_coop_edit_wm

Cooper helped Charlotte by giving her a push.sledding3_edit_wmsledding2_edit_wmsledding1_edit_wm

Then they learned to paddle with their hands and Cooper figured out very quickly.  Charlotte isn’t quite as strong so it took her much longer.


They tried to carry their sleds back up the hill but they kept falling or letting go of the sled.  It was a lot of up and down for me. 

sledding7_edit_wm   sledding8_edit_wm

And they insisted on pulling their sleds home.coop_pullsled_edit_wmchar_pullsled_edit_wm

The best thing was they were so exhausted, went right to bed, and slept so well all night!

Stay tuned for the visit to Santa!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Work Holiday Party

Last night was the holiday party for work.  It was great to get dressed up and go enjoy ourselves sans kids.  There are nearly 1,000 employees that work in my office, so the party was huge.  The set up was fantastic with a cocktail/casual lounge set up outside the ballroom.  They had dancing heads green screen (kind of like this) as part of the entertainment in that area, which was so funny to watch.

Inside the ballroom there were multiple stations set up for food:  salad and carving station, sushi station, salt/veggie/bread station, and pasta station.  I took this pic with my phone of the salt station.  I have never seen one and I really have no idea what to (23)

Of course it was a full open bar with several bars strategically placed around the ballroom.  It felt very much like a club with a live band, dance floor, and lounge couches/pillows/chairs.  There were several tables to either sit or stand at to eat and mingle.

The toughest this year is that I barely know anyone because I just started a few months ago.  Not surprising, but I saw many people introducing themselves to each other and proceeding to ask which half of the couple works for the company.  One of my coworkers said it was so tough for him because everyone looks so different all dressed up.

We had a really great time, although we came home a little early because it had been a long week and day for me and I seem to have picked up the cold from the kids.

(Thanks to my friend who took a picture of us when we dropped the kids off!  Love it!)