Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 346: Holiday Card 2010

Here are some of the outtakes for the holiday card this year.  The room was completely dark except for the fireplace and Christmas tree.  I kept a very low shutter speed at 1/30, shot at f/2.8 and an ISO of 1600 (I think).  I did not use a flash, but did use a tripod.  The low shutter speed was difficult with moving toddlers!  I also used candy to bribe them, and then cookies hidden in the tree to keep them focused (and still!).  DSC_1835_edit_wmDSC_1843_edit_wmDSC_1851_edit_wmDSC_1856_edit_wmDSC_1881_edit_wmDSC_1900_edit_wmDSC_1902_edit_wmDSC_1904_edit_wmDSC_1907_edit_wm

And finally THE SHOT (straight off the camera)DSC_1867_wm

And edited with my own holiday card design:xmas card 2010_v3_black out

Compared to last year’s card…I had just started learning my camera, used my Pentax and kit lens with a lightscoop.  I also was just learning photoshop, and still used Picasa for most of my edits.


Robyn Lee said...

VERY cool pictures, and I LOVE the card design you came up with!! It's amazing how far one can come with picture taking, yours are great! : )

Happy New Year!

Tamara said...

I LOVE them! My fav is the 2nd pic, but the card came out amazing, nice work!

Jen said...

Love them and love the new blog look!

Jen O. said...

GREAT pictures! I love the card!