Monday, September 1, 2014

Catch-up Post: 5th Birthdays (Dec 2012 & Apr 2013)

Charlotte had a La-La-Loopsy party for her 5th birthday.  My older sister made her cake and I made all the decorations.  The party was full of friends and family.



Cooper had a Transformers themed party.  My older sister made the cake and I just bought all the decorations.  Cooper and his friends loved playing the 3D pin the tail on the donkey.  It was sort of like a mix between a pinata and pin the tale on the donkey.


Catch-up Post: Jan–Aug 2013–Family Life

Fun at the park – These photos all say Jan 2013, and the sun looks right for that time of year, but my kids are wearing flip flops?


Feb 2013 – Fun with sunglasses and the dogs after the Valentine’s Day photo shoot.


Yarn maze – February 2013


Charlotte giving a doll a hug for the first time ever in her little life.  March 2013.


Sleepy Charlotte on the couch. July 2013.DSC_0343jpegEDIT

Racing the remote control cars we bought at Disneyland.  Aug 2013.