Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catch-up Post: September 2013–Outdoor kid photos

I took the kids out to scout for new photo shoot locations and then to a park last September.  The park was really fantastic and had these cool outdoor musical instruments.  Charlotte was in heaven.





Thursday, August 28, 2014

Catch-up Post: March 2013–Kindergarten Field Trip to Forney Transportation Museum

More catch-up.  This is was another kindergarten field trip, and our first visit to the Forney Transportation Museum.  It was dark and crowded, so I didn’t take many photos.  These were all done with my 24-70mm and D90.

LOL, check out the photobomb by some random lady.


Catch-up Post: April 2013–Butterfly Pavillion Kindergarten Field Trip

I’m working through some of the photos/events I need to get edited and posted.  I’m working on streamlining my workflow using Bridge & ACR.  These were all taken with my D90 and 24-70mm f/2.8.  This was a school field trip in kindergarten to the Butterfly Pavillion.

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DSC_0305jpegEDIT                    DSC_0307jpegEDIT


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Camping in Ouray, CO–Aug 2014 Day 3

We went camping with some really good friends a couple weeks ago.  It has been ages since I’ve gone camping and I forgot how much fun it is.  It was so great to get away (sans kids!) and just enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery.  We stayed at the KOA campground in Ouray.  It was convenient to be close to town and the natural hot springs.  I want go back and take my kiddos with me.

All of these photos were taken with my Samsung Galazy S5.  I did bring my D90 camera, but not my battery.  I was impressed with my cell phone pics!

Link to Day 1 & 2.

On Day 3 we rented an ATV and took it up Imogene Pass and then down into Telluride.  It was so, so cold on the pass.  We bought some wool socks in Telluride for the drive back over the pass.  The views were breathtaking.


The entire way up the mountain you could see the cliffs peaking through the trees.  I couldn’t decide if I loved feeling like I was in the forest, or being at the top of the mountain to see the world.

day3Imogene_37                   day3Imogene_07 



day3Imogene_36          day3Imogene_34



We got to drive through a lot of water.  I loved it.  The left picture is looking up the stream we were in and the right picture is looking down the stream.

day3Imogene_32   day3Imogene_31

So many waterfalls!

day3Imogene_30day3Imogene_29    day3Imogene_25

day3Imogene_02      day3Imogene_03day3Imogene_01

As we went up higher, there were fields of amazing wildflowers. and several trees that had been ripped off, but the roots remained in the ground.


There were still snow banks at the top!


And then the top of the mountain.  Indescribable!






As you go down into Telluride there are old mining (maybe logging?) towns.  Reminds you have how powerful nature is.




Such a wonderful trip with wonderful friends!day3Imogene_10