Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Camping–Ouray, CO Aug 2014 Day 1 & 2

We went camping with some really good friends a couple weeks ago.  It has been ages since I’ve gone camping and I forgot how much fun it is.  It was so great to get away (sans kids!) and just enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery.  We stayed at the KOA campground in Ouray.  It was convenient to be close to town and the natural hot springs.  I want go back and take my kiddos with me.

All of these photos were taken with my Samsung Galazy S5.  I did bring my D90 camera, but not my battery.  I was impressed with my cell phone pics!

We enjoyed the campfire the first night.

day1campfire_01   day1campfire_02day1campfire_04 day1campfire_05

On day 2 we took the Nissan Xterra off-roading on Yankee Boy trail.  We also stopped at Box Canyon Falls.  Our friend is a wee bit scared of heights.

Town of Ouray


Box Canyon Falls.  There were a lot of other waterfalls on our trip too.  It was so loud!


day2YankeeBoy_13day2YankeeBoy_12  day2BoxCanyonFalls_01

     day2BoxCanyonFalls_05  day2BoxCanyonFalls_04

day2BoxCanyonFalls_06        day2BoxCanyonFalls_02       day2BoxCanyonFalls_03

day2BoxCanyonFalls_09  day2BoxCanyonFalls_07 

                                     day2BoxCanyonFalls_10      day2BoxCanyonFalls_08

day2YankeeBoy_01  day2YankeeBoy_02  day2YankeeBoy_03



day2YankeeBoy_06     day2YankeeBoy_16      day2YankeeBoy_07day2YankeeBoy_09_editday2YankeeBoy_08day2YankeeBoy_10        day2YankeeBoy_18

Link to Day 3.

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