Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60: 6 month growth photo

I didn’t even try to take a good photo tonight.  Charlotte isn’t feeling well and Cooper was feisty.  Charlotte came home on August 1, 2008 and since then I’ve taken a photo of the two of them on the same chair every 6 months.  I’m showing the past photos to compare.

March 2010.  Taken with speedlight, no natural light, and Nikon D90.  I probably should have upped my f/stop so that Charlotte wasn’t out of focus, but I assumed they would both sit back like they usually do and it wouldn’t be a problem.  DSC_1339_edit_wm

Aug 2009.  Taken with onboard flash, natural light, and my Pentax K2000 DSLR.

March 2009.  Taken with direct flash (and a yellow side table lamp) and my Sony point and shoot

August 2008.  Taken with direct flash and my Sony point and shoot (with a little natural light).  If you can believe it there really was a time when Charlotte was the bigger than Cooper!


Niffer said...

I love this idea and I remember the March 2009 picture and thinking they were so darn cute.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

I love the growth pics. I try to do them every month with Cora - although sometimes (OK most time) it is more like a month a a few days lol.

Love your pics :)
Amy - MyColonyNJ
OMG - the word verfication was "nestie" lol