Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59: Mommy and Me

I’m always behind the camera and as a result there are very few pictures of me and the kids.  After reading Sheye Rosemeyer’s blog about how she really wishes she had more photos of her and her late daughter Ava (her story seriously has me in tears every time I read it), I want to make sure I put the camera down and play with my children, as well as have somebody capture some of those moments.  Today  I asked my husband to take some of those pictures.  (How unfair it is that my husband has yet to read the camera manual or a darn thing about photography and yet he can give me such great photos that need very little in the way of editing.  So jealous.)


DSC_1242_edit_wm DSC_1304_edit_wm DSC_1213_edit_wm


Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. I love the ones of you and Charlotte. What a good idea to have your hubby take pictures of you and the kids. We might have to do this!

Niffer said...

I simply adore the one of you kissing Charlotte's cheek. How wonderful - and I think it's smart of you to do. It's so hard to remember to take pictures of yourself with the children. I struggle with that myself.