Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36: Little Picasso’s

Today they wanted to do computer time again, but they fought yesterday, so I wasn’t in the mood.  Instead I pulled out the washable Crayola paints and let them create works of art.  It got pretty messy, and it was less than ideal to supervise and take pictures…yikes at paint near my camera!!

After using my zoom lens for several days, I struggled with my 50mm lens and having to zoom with my feet!  Lot’s of chopped heads tonight.  I also am trying to find out what aperture I like to shoot at, so not all the pictures are how I imagined they would be.DSC_0030_Edit_wm


Apparently paint tastes bad.DSC_0041_edit_wm

But it’s fun to paint on yourself.DSC_0052_edit_wm DSC_0054_edit_wm

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