Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54: Lots of random

Cooper is still under the weather and wasn’t in the mood for pictures.  Charlotte seemed to be showing off tonight…guess she wants some extra attention since Cooper is getting some from being sick.

I realized tonight that my editing from one photo to the next is inconsistent.  My white balance especially is different in every photo.  I really need to learn manual white balance.

Fake sleeping


Cooper waking her up


Taking her temperature in her arm pit.


Taking the temperature of her foot.  I’m not sure about this composition.  I kind of like it because it’s so different from what I do, but I almost don’t like how it feels like she is falling out of the photo.DSC_1047_edit_Wm

So what’s it say?DSC_1044_edit_Wm

After telling him to use two hands.DSC_1010_edit_wm

I love the look on his face.  They both really love Elmo, particularly the lost little puppy books.  We’ve hidden most of the books because neither my husband or I can stand reading them for awhile.DSC_1049_edit_wm

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Niffer said...

Hahaha... I like the thermometer pictures. It reminds me of the times when Ellie would take her own temperature, or take ours, and she'd look at the numbers and say "Ninty-eighteen, you're good."

I also had to laugh at the fact that you've hidden books because I'm sure every parent is guilty of that. We can't stand some of the books that Ellie just adores and so they've conveniently found themselves under mattresses and couches.