Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35: Bath Crayons

The kids haven’t been enjoying bathtime as well lately, so I bought some new toys.  Since it wasn’t my bath night, I could snap photos of them playing with the bath crayons.  The only pain in the butt thing is that the crayons sort of drip all over after they get wet and make a mess of the grout and tub.

Choosing their crayon.  I like how Charlotte is pointing at the orange crayon.  (I hate renting…everything is so old!  Look at the rust on the shower track!  I don’t even notice until I see it in my photos.)DSC_0016_edit_wm

Here is Cooper getting a new crayon – the pink/purple (his favorite color).  I like this one because it shows a lot of my husband’s hands too. DSC_0017_edit_wm

Starting out.  She is concentrating so hard!  DSC_0011_edit_wm 

And then she didn’t want the orange crayon anymore.  Or the blue one, green one, yellow one, purple one, or red one.  We didn’t have any other colors and she got upset.


While Cooper was as content as could be with his pink/purple crayon.


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Amy said...

Have you read Harold and the Purple crayon? That's what Cooper makes me think of in these. Great pictures!!