Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52: St Patty’s Photoshoot #1

I usually don’t do photoshoots with the kids.  It’s too much work and I prefer to take pictures of them just being themselves, rather than with props or posed.  However I am taking holiday pictures every month so that the calendars I make for the grandparents at Christmas are simplified.

Tonight I asked my husband to help out and he bribed them with candy covered yogurt bites (or basically candy).  I only got a few good ones and I have to say that I am now really wanting a 35mm lens.  I just don’t have enough room inside my house for the 50mm, but I don’t have enough light to use my kit lens. 

I had to fix the white balance on all of these, but I either make them too green/cyan or too yellow/red.  I also bounced my speedlight off a window (normally I bounce off a wall) and it was much brighter than I expected.  I am still learning how to meter while using my speedlight, so there are some spots that are blown out.  I plan to attempt another St. Patty’s day photoshoot…but probably something outside with some green/St Patty’s day themed clothing.  These are just boring to me!

DSC_0916_edit_wmDSC_0918_edit_wm DSC_0931_edit_wm DSC_0919_edit_wm DSC_0910_edit_wm DSC_0937_edit_wm

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Niffer said...

I think doing monthly holiday pictures to cut down on your options for the calendar is a good idea. We typically make MyPublisher books with our favorite pictures of the year and give them to family for Christmas presents, but it's always so hard to limit the number of pages/pictures!