Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57: Like mommy, like daddy

Charlotte and I are both sick…we got lucky and got whatever Cooper had.  I don’t feel awful, but I’m definitely not 100%.  So far, my husband has been spared.

Charlotte didn’t eat dinner tonight and instead sat on watched all of us.


Then she zonked out.  I love how sweet they look when they’re sleeping.  I rarely can get photos when they’re like this because it wakes them up.DSC_1148_edit_wm

Cooper is back 100% (minus his runny nose and cough).  He thoroughly enjoyed dinner.  He ate all of his and then all of Charlotte’s dinner!


First he squished his hands all over in the spaghetti…DSC_1138_edit_wm

Then he thought it was hysterical to clap and spray the sauce all over daddy.DSC_1131_edit_wm

After cleaning up and while waiting for daddy to put Charlotte to bed, he got to enjoy some special time in the office with mommy.  We don’t usually let them in the office because they are bit destructive and it’s also not toddler-proofed.

Like Daddy.DSC_1150_edit_wm

Like Mommy


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