Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33: Bye Mommy!

Sometimes if I sleep through my alarm or if the kids wake my husband up a little early, I get to visit a bit with them before I leave for work.  I love to start my day with their smiling faces.  I especially love that they make a big production out of saying bye to me.  They give lots of hugs and kisses and then wave and say bye.  Sometimes I even get a kiss blown to me (to say I love you) and a ‘tea-tater’ to say ‘see you later.’

This is what I see from the front door when I get in my car.  (We rent our house and don’t have a screen door, plus we live on a busy street.  A baby gate works quite well to keep the kids and dog safe.)


Version 2 B&W (I think I like this one a little better).DSC_0006_edit_chocbw_wm

I turned this black and white because the lamp inside the house combined with no flash and early morning dawn, caused a weird orange glow (and a lot of noise in the photo).  I sort of like it, but it almost takes away from their beautiful faces:DSC_0006_edit_wm

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Niffer said...

Every day I think about how much you're going to cherish these photos. And I often think "this one is my favorite" only to have it be beaten the following day.