Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55: Jumping

Charlotte is learning how to jump so she loves practicing on the couches and on the bed.  This also means that she falls off.  She’s had a couple fat lips and some bruises on her head.  Today she climbed on the end table and told daddy she ‘beh dow’, or ‘feel down’.  This is amazing progress for her speech!!

I got a photo of her in mid air today.  What I don’t like:  Her face is blown out slightly.  I cut off her feet.  She’s a bit out of focus, plus there’s some motion blur.  The picture isn’t quite straight.  What I love:  My husband smiling in the background.  The pure joy on Charlotte’s face.  Her hair flying up.  The position of her arms and legs.  The photo captures some action.


Cooper noticed daddy laying down to rest.  I love the devious look on his face here.DSC_1083_edit_Wm

Daddy pretending to sleep and Cooper waking him up.  You can almost hear my husband pretending to snore and Cooper going ‘rawr’ to wake him up. DSC_1087_edit_Wm

(Have you noticed the Halloween themed shirts in the last couple days.  My husband thinks they are cute and doesn’t care that it’s February.)

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Julie said...

I found your blog through my husbands. Love your pictures, your children are ADORABLE and you have captured some beautiful moments :)