Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48: Siblings

I love being to get both of them in photos together because it really shows their personalities together.  They sometimes have a love-hate relationship…which I guess is true for all siblings.

Jumping on the bed together.  Charlotte is still unsteady while jumping so she likes to hold onto the headboard.


Riding the alphabet train together.  This was right before Cooper threw her off and tackled her. DSC_0683_edit_wm


This was the best shot I got of them wrestling.  There isn’t enough room in Charlotte’s bedroom for me to move back and get everything in frame when using my 50mm (makes we wish I also owned the 35mm lens).  Every time I would get down at their level, they would attack me instead.DSC_0702_edit_wm

(I’m noticing that I really need to work on my white balance.  So many things to focus on, I’m trying to only worry about a couple things and once I get those down I move on to other things to work on.)


Kristen said...

I have the same problem with the 50mm..... there have been more times than I can think of that I wish for the 35mm because I can't back up far enough to get everything the frame..... :(

Wendy said...

I just scrolled down your whole page...your pictures are just beautiful. You're inspiring me!!