Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49: Silly stuff

We went to dinner tonight and when we got home the kids wouldn’t sit still for anything so that I could get some in focus pictures.  Not to mention I completely forgot to check all my settings because I was in a hurry and I had my shutter speed at 1/60, which means on top of out of focus, I also go motion blur.

Cooper found the new shampoo and wouldn’t stop putting it in his mouth.  He puts everything in his mouth.DSC_0723_edit_Wm

I hadn’t meant to focus on his feet, but I ended up liking the way this photo turned out.


I had wanted to get a photo of Charlotte showing me her vibrating Pat (from Handy Manny), but she kept walking toward me and I was already against a wall.  This isn’t too bad, but I wish I saw more of her face.DSC_0760_edit_wm

Too cute with vacuuming the floor.  Why don’t they make those toy vacuums actually do the real thing?  Seems like they would enjoy it and I would actually get something out of it.  (This looks like I used direct flash instead of my speedlight.  I should have tilted my speedlight to bounce more off the ceiling since I was sitting right against a white wall and had it pointed about 30° behind me.)DSC_0754_edit_wm

This one I loved her expression and I think it’s funny that I got Cooper in the photo pretending to be a dog or a lion (I don’t remember if he was barking at the dog or roaring at Charlotte).  However I had the vanity lights on and it put a strange glow on the photo that I couldn’t get rid of in Photoshop.  Instead I tried a few different editing actions from Pioneer Woman.

My editDSC_0741_edit_wm

Colorize.  I like the vintage look, with some texture.  The only thing I don’t like is how strange and pastey her skin looks.  I think it might cool off the photo a little too much for my tastes.DSC_0741_edit_colorize_wm

Heartland.  I like how this action gives a sense of movement when there is streaming light in the photo.  This is becoming one of my favorite actions.DSC_0741_edit_heartland_wm

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