Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37: Puddles at the Park

It rained really hard yesterday so there is still a lot of standing water everywhere.  The kids seemed desperate to have some outdoor playtime, so despite the standing water I took them to the park.  They pretty much stayed on the playground equipment until the very end when they discovered the giant water puddle. 

The best part of doing this project has been my ability to let them explore and discover their world, rather then worrying about them getting dirty or wet.  I am able to enjoy puddles after the rain just by snapping photos of them.  When was the last time I threw caution to the wind, kicked off my shoes and splashed in puddles?  I wish I could be as carefree as my two toddlers.

I love how Charlotte is smiling at Cooper splashing.


This is a fantastic ‘action’ shot and this it captures the energy they had splashing and running through the puddle.DSC_0024_edit_wm

I can’t believe Cooper can balance on one leg!  He sort of reminds me of a flamingo.DSC_0022_edit_wm DSC_0084_edit_wm DSC_0051_edit_wm

I’m trying to work on enjoying black and white a little more.  I love the reflection in these, but the water was so red and muddy that the originals didn’t look great.  I like them better in black and white.DSC_0072_edit_wm DSC_0073_edit_wm

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