Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32: Hi Grandpa!

We live out of state from family.  My dad sends the kids youtube videos of himself and the kids LOVE them.  They beg for ‘grandpa’ everyday and point to the laptop computer over and over.  I’m convinced they think the laptop’s name is Grandpa.  They interact quite a bit with the computer now and Cooper even understands that the keyboard and mouse cause things to happen on the screen.  That simply amazes me.

(Check out my newly created watermark.  I figure it’s a good way to protect my images.  I created a few different ones, so I’ll be testing them out to see which ones I like.)

I love Cooper’s expression – like ‘Look at this momma!’ and how cute is it that Charlotte is waving to Grandpa.  (Charlotte’s shirt says, Brother for Sale - $1.00 or best offer and Cooper’s shirt says, Sister for Sale - $1.00 negotiable.)DSC_0071_edit_wm

Giving grandpa kisses.  (Like how the keys are missing from the keyboard.  Cooper got a little too curious.)DSC_0103_edit_wm



Niffer said...

Love the shirts and once again I love the pictures.

Leah said...

this is to die for...sooo cute!