Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31: New Shades

I’ve finished my first month!  Some days have been tedious, but lately I’ve really been looking forward to pulling out my camera to see what pictures I’ll get to take that day.  I think I’ve learned a lot about my camera and how to take better pictures and I hope to keep learning and improving!

I bought Charlotte and Cooper some new sunglasses today.  They keep complaining about the sun being in their eyes and they always point to mine and my husband’s sunglasses, so I thought it was time for them to get their own pairs.

I love both of their expressions in this photo.DSC_0024_edit

This one is interesting because it makes Cooper appear much shorter than Charlotte when in fact he’s about 4 inches taller.  I also like the way he’s looking at her and smiling.  Charlotte kept looking from the bottom of the sunglasses which made for several unflattering angles on her nostrils. DSC_0016_edt

I went outside this evening during the last little bit of light and took some pictures of the flowering tree in our front yard.  It’s such a pretty tree!

I like this one because it almost feels like a piece of art.  I like that there are several points of focus on the flower because I had my f/ stop set very low and the flowers are at varying depths of field.  I wish we didn’t have an overcast sky, because then it would have been a pretty blue or pink/purple sky behind the tree.DSC_0033_edit

I like the bokeh on this one.DSC_0036_edit 

This is just a different framing of the same bloom.  I like that it has more flowers in the background.DSC_0039_edit



beyond cute

Domestic Photographic said...

I love your flower photos and am SO jealous that its spring where you are!

Anonymous said...

The sunglasses photos are adorable. It looks like your daughter is sunning herself at the beach and your son is giving her a look like "isn't this vacation AWESOME?".

PS-I got here from the Bump, hope you don't mind a stranger looking at your photos :). I'm just trying to get better at photography.

Salina said...

No problem finding this blog from the bump! I love getting comments, even from strangers! Enjoy the photos.