Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: Laundry Day

The kids are in the ‘little helper’ stage so they always want to help me with whatever I’m doing.  When it comes to the laundry, I definitely lucked out—unlike my husband.  I sort the clothes, start them, and change them over while my husband does all the folding and putting away.  The kids actually help me, but just throw the clothes on the floor after my husband folds them all (eventually I’ll get pictures of that as well).

I wouldn’t recommend trying to supervise and be the photographer.  Since it was such a tiny space This makes it difficult to photograph both of them in focus and unfortunately I sometimes miss when one of them looks at the camera.  I did some editing in Photoshop CS4 (depending on the photo I messed with some of the following:  levels, curves, eye pop, sharpening using high pass filter, contrast, color balance, and adding a vignette).

First you put the clothes in   IMGP3545_edit

And help take them out IMGP3552_edit

Need the soap! IMGP3557_edit 

Maybe do a little fixing!IMGP3565_edit 

Then push start!IMGP3560_edit

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Lisa said...

Cute shots!