Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16: Fresh air

I think we all needed to get out of the house today because we all came back feeling very refreshed after spending almost 2 hours at the park.  Now that I am shooting completely in manual mode on my camera and I primarily shoot inside a dark house in the evening, it was quite an adventure to learn how to take pictures outdoors.  Especially when the sun would sneak behind the clouds and then back out again.  It was challenging, but I ended up with several great pictures (and a few busts).  I would have taken a lot more, but my camera battery died!

I liked this one because Cooper looked up when he saw a bird.  It still amazes me that they know to look up for birds, planes, and helicopters.  I honestly don’t remember teaching them how to do that…amazing how they learn!  (I don’t like taking pictures with full cloud cover and gray skies…it makes the photos a little dreary.)


Charlotte always seems to be chasing after Cooper.  She wants to go where ever he goes.  He is the more courageous one and I really like that she feels complete trust in her brother to venture after him.  I think he’s teaching her to be a little more brave.  This is perfect picture of that-- Cooper chasing after the bird (see the little dark speck to Cooper’s right) and Charlotte trailing after.  (Although this picture turned out great, I wish I would have adjusted my aperture to a lower f/ so that the playground was a little more blurred out.)


After the bird flew away, Cooper came marching back to me (that’s why his legs are cutoff) with his ‘nervous’ look and gesture.  This is the first time I’ve been able to get a picture of this gesture.  Since a year old whenever he is nervous or upset about something, he rubs his hair from back to front to back makes an ‘eh, eh, eh’ sound.  IMGP4111_edit

This is my favorite picture of Charlotte from the park today.  Since she is learning how to make a lot of different sounds, she loves to yell into these things and hear her voice come back to her.  (This is without any edits…I’m very proud of how this turned out straight off the camera!)


And here’s what happens when you forget to change your camera settings and you go from shooting in shade with cloud cover, to no shade and the sun suddenly comes out.  Even Charlotte is saying, ‘Too bright, mommy, too bright!”


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Niffer said...

"Too bright, Mommy! Too bright!" So cute. I can picture it now, like it's your fault that the sun is in her eyes. I know it's my fault that I don't keep the sun out of my daughter's eyes. She reminds me of that one quite often.

I seem to almost always post some comment, don't I? Huh.