Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17: Photo Shoot Round 2

I find it really challenging to get good photos of both of my children.  They won’t sit close to each other, but they won’t sit far enough that I can easily crop one out.  If one sits still, the other moves.  I had about 15 min of good light and about the same amount of time to avoid a complete mess.  I don’t love the edits, so I’ll probably play with it a bit more.  I also used a white comforter for the background and it was much too difficult to edit all the wrinkles out!  I need to find something else for a white background that is not poster board either!

I wanted to do a Hugs and Kisses shot with the Hershey’s candy in the shape of heart.  This was the best I got with both of them.  At least I didn’t limb chop!


The color is a bit off and it’s a little fuzzy, but I love his look.IMGP4143_edit




I wish I had gotten this one from a slightly different angle because I think it’s super cute!


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