Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14: Getting dressed

I don’t feel well today.  I only took a few pictures and none of them were all that great in terms of photography.  However, this article is really fantastic and reminded me why it doesn’t really matter if they’re perfect, only if I keep on taking them.  (I am trying to improve taking photos, so I put what I wish I could change about the photo in parentheses.)

Charlotte knows that some Sneetches have stars upon thars.  This is one of her favorites, although The Lorax is her most favorite. (I wish she was looking at me.)


The kids are learning how to drink out of cups, which really just means we have a lot of liquid to clean up.  Cooper dumped his on the table, then decided to crawl on the table.  After dinner was over he decided that he didn’t like that his pants were wet and tried to take them off.  ( I wish I hadn’t cut off his feet and that I had taken the photo straight on.)


Until he realized he still had his shoes on. (I wish I didn’t have the soccer ball and the sock and Scout’s butt in the photo.)


They also know how to take their diapers off.  Cooper decided he would rather wear daddy’s workout shorts than underwear.  I am so glad he didn’t pee in them!  ( I wish I would have turned the light off in Charlotte’s room and not cut off his toes.)


Handy Manny is Charlotte’s favorite character.  She refused to wear girly panties because they don’t have Handy Manny on them.  So I let her borrow her brother’s underwear.  (I wish I would have moved the toy out of the way and not cut off her toes.)


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