Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10: Silly Sunday

We were lazy around the house today.  I just snapped a bunch of random stuff.

Cooper enjoying his pickle.IMGP3677_edit

Charlotte checking herself out in the mirrorIMGP3716_edit

Charlotte giving me her ‘happy face’IMGP3709_edit  

Cooper upset because I wouldn’t let him have the camera.  This one is blown out because I had metered for the darker room and Cooper came and plopped down right in front of the windows.  It’s also slightly blurry because I was trying to keep him from grabbing the camera and he was trying to move toward me.IMGP3711_edit

Having fun with daddyIMGP3728_edit

Watching sports.  Charlotte loves sports, especially football and basketball.  Cooper seemed to be enthralled with the scrolling writing on the screen.  These were taken in the darkest part of our house, so there is a lot of noise.IMGP3740_edit IMGP3750_edit

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Niffer said...

Ellie LOVES watching football with Daddy too. She always asks him which team she should cheer for and then gets all excited whenever anyone makes a touchdown. I never thought that I would enjoy watching my daughter grow to like football but it is pretty adorable. She even has a cheerleader outfit to match Daddy's jersey.